Details On How To Order A Commissioned Piece Of Jewellery

It is important to note that my work is mostly one of a kind pieces. At best, I can try to produce something similar to a piece that already exists. Browse through the galleries and the online shop, and if you have any queries or requests contact me at


Where To Find The Jewellery Pieces To Commission

Stories Behind The Collections Pages - (drop down menu above) - explore these pages to get an idea of the themes behind the collections, and a taster of the jewellery on offer within each collection shown

Galleries - (drop down menu above) - these pages show specific pieces that exist within each collection and gives details about preferred options available on request. Some pieces within the galleries are still available to buy from the Online shop, which is linked below

Online Shop - Shows any pieces available to buy from the online shop here

Gallery Of Sold Items - Shows pieces that have been purchased for you to browse through, linked here

Not all pieces are reproducable as mentioned, so the best thing if you have any questions or requests is to contact me at


Special Notes

A small deposit will be required to cover material costs of a commissioned piece

Time may be a factor if I have to source various materials and gemstones in, for your request, so ensure that we have plenty of time ahead of any special occasion the piece may be needed for

In some cases where each piece is totally unique, I will email you a sketch and a picture of the gemstone I intend to use, so that you get as clear an idea as possible about the piece ahead of time