About me, and my creative process

My name is Samantha Braund and I'm the jewellery designer behind this brand. I personally design and fabricate every piece of jewellery seen on this site

I had always found art as a creative outlet, to be very therapeutic. I primarily worked in watercolour painting, digital art and sculpting in mixed media.

Jewellery making is my main passion now, I enjoy exploring various forms and techniques of jewellery making, and am still learning.

Wire sculpting jewellery came very naturally to me, and is a very ancient artform in it's own right. Wire is a fascinating medium to work with, The tensile strength it takes on, allows me to bend, form and weave it into an infinite array of organic forms, while securing the gemstones in place. This was where I started to uncover my innate freeform style

I then branched out into sculpting in modern art media, such as Precious metal clays, and polymer clays. Metal clay is an amazingly versatile medium, and it will take years of artistic exploration to uncover all of its secrets. At present, I'm very involved with exploring combining my wire sculptural work with my metal clay work. I find the wire sculpted elements add new dimensional and textural interest to the metal clay pieces, helping me to get closer to creating the larger than life organic sculptures that exist only in my mind


I draw inspiration from organic forms as seen in natural landscapes, such as Lichen, and Coral Reefs. Micro and macroscopic natural forms as depicted by artists such as Ernst Haeckel, have been particularly influential on my work

My other main influences are drawn from fantasy and fairytales, in particular  female mythological archetypes, such as the Ancient Greek Goddesses and Mermaids. I allow myself to indulge in these childhood fantasies, honouring these strong, powerful females who exist beyond human limitations

These themes in combination have given rise to my signature style and collections. I create pieces with stories in mind, giving them their distinctive character

One of my muses, I'd painted a few years ago, is pictured below



There are two main ways I go about creating my jewellery.

I sketch a lot, and constantly draw these organic structures, that resemble natural elements.I then try  to recreate these images into wearable sculptures

The other method, is really where, I go with the flow, guided by the medium at hand. There is sometimes a theme in mind, or an idea of how to present a gemstone, but essentially I sculpt my jewellery without much forethought.

As a result my jewellery is known to take on a freeform organic style. No two pieces are ever identical because of this. The good news though, is that each piece of jewellery tends is unique and one of a kind 

 Anyway thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy browsing around

Samantha Braund