What the press are saying.... 

" New Talent!

Manchester be standing as we have a new UK designer ready to rock your socks off with her handmade designer collections.

I love Samantha Braund's new jewellery collection! Each piece of jewellery uses precious metals with a great flare to enhance the quality of the gemstones.

What makes her such an inspiring designer is that one of the techniques she uses to create her signature style, includes ancient wire wrapping, which dates back to 7000BC, a process that involves wire weaving by hand, to create her own contemporary sculptures. Samantha Braund designs modern art media.

Each piece of jewellery is one of a kind! So if you love jewellery with that extra special something, you will love Samantha Braund Jewellery.

Visit www.samanthabraundjewellery.com to browse her gorgeous collection "

Source: Manchester Buzz,  May 14th 2011